Youth Development

ILF partners with local youth development programs and agencies to bring opportunities to marginalised youth. Acknowledging that young people are strongly influenced by the nurture of their environments, we strive to provide them with outlets to express themselves positively and discover more promising pathways in life.

In partnership with UNDP, we introduced youngsters in the surrounding community to videography. They produced a community documentary film, Youth Voices: What Are We Fighting For? which "captures the fears, the issues, the hope and dreams of young people in Barbados."

Camp Kuumba

Camp Kuumba was a free camp held in the Easter and Summer school breaks of 2007 and 2008, to introduce children (ages 4 to 15) to creative arts through workshops with some of Barbados' artists and entertainers. The campers had their choice of stiltwalking, singing, drumming and dancing, in addition to gymnastics and arts and crafts.

Visiting personalities spoke to the children about personal hygiene and deportment, conflict resolution, courtesy and conduct.

The off-site tours took campers to places of interest, including on a glass bottom boat to discover underwater life off the coast of the island. The camp was held in partnership with the Ministry of Education, meant to reengage low income youth and foster a sense of community spirit among their peers.

ILK Tuk Band at Camp Kuumba
Counsellors & campers at Camp Kuumba
Smiling camper at Camp Kuumba
Campers showing their skills
Campers returning from a tour
Campers returning from a tour
Camp Kuumba at ILF
Smiling camper at ILF
Camper at Camp Kuumba at ILF
Campers playing the drums
Campers performing at ILF
Campers learning to sing
Campers playing cricket
Camp Kuumba aboard the boat

United Nations Development Plan 2012

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