Senior Citizens Club

ILF's Senior Citizens Club meets on Mondays from 10:00 AM at our My Lord's Hill , St. Michael headquarters. 


Our Seniors participate in numerous classes, tours and recreational activities to remain active, engaged members of society. As the Foundation caters to all age groups across the community, there is interaction between our young and old people, forming bonds across the generations. In some instances, we may have 3 generations of a single family enrolled as members of our programs.

ILF Senior ladies posing after Christmas Lunch at a local restaurant.


The ladies are especially creative and hone their skills in:

  • beadwork

  • canvas work

  • knitting

  • floral arrangements


The group has formed a gospel choir, which practises a special variety of musical arrangements. Each summer, the Senior Citizens Club hosts a Service Of Song that features many community and church choirs to collectively serenade captive audiences.

Visits To Shut-Ins

The Seniors also visit shut-ins, other elderly members of our community who are unable to leave home. During these visits, the choir sings and everyone enjoys an afternoon of fellowship, bringing some joy to neighbours who may not ordinarily receive social visits.

Health & Wellness

Understanding how to stay fit, eat well and be attentive to changes in health is especially important in the older years. This is why we invite health and wellness professionals to visit the Foundation on Mondays to talk to the senior members about topics that may affect them, like arthritis and blood pressure, eating right and staying active.

Local Tours

In an effort to experience and learn more about our country and culture, or to reminisce on days of yore, and of course to simply have a change of scenery, members take local tours to various points of interest across the island. Previous tours included the Barbados Museum, the Speightstown Boardwalk and the South Coast Boardwalk. Sometimes a stroll  along the beach with a scoop of ice cream turns a beautiful afternoon into a wonderful memory.

Regional Travel

The Seniors have flown to many Caribbean islands. Our earlier trips were rejuvenating one-day visits to places like St. Lucia, where we toured the Soufriere Volcano and dined at a majestic restaurant on the cool mountains. Eager to experience more, our later travels took us to Grenada for 5 days, where we relaxed on Grand Anse Beach and learned about dancing the cocoa beans at Belmont Plantation; Guyana, where we visited the Sea Wall and then strolled to the nearby zoo. Later a new interest for cruising arose and the ladies, along with their families and friends, embarked on a week-long Caribbean cruise, which touched Dominica, Antigua and others. In recent years, regional travel has become more challenging due to financial constraints but we hope to someday re-introduce regional travel to our annual calendar.


Birthdays are special at I.L.F.! The ladies may bring sandwiches, cake and drinks, or sometimes a hot meal, for everyone to help celebrate their birthdays.

Each December, the Seniors are treated to an afternoon out at a local restaurant where they enjoy delicious traditional Barbadian Christmas delicacies. 

NOTE: A small fee is contributed by each member each term that goes towards the purchase of weekly snacks and drinks. Materials for craft lessons are purchased by members at their discretion.

Two of ILF Senior women sitting and smilling during a tour of the Barbados Museum.
Two ILF Senior ladies embracing as they stroll out of the Barbados Museum.
A queue of ILF Senior women as they exist the Barbados Museum.
A group of ILF Senior women enjoying Christmas lunch at a local restauran.