Education is essential to our mission to empower members of Barbadian society. We offer an array of academic, vocational and technical training classes to children, teenagers, young adults and the elderly.

Performing Arts classes include:

Academic classes include:

  • Primary School English

  • Primary School Mathematics

  • CXC/CSEC Mathematics

  • CXC/CSEC Social Studies

  • CXC/CSEC English Language

  • CXC/CSEC Human & Social Biology

Senior Citizens activities include:

  • Arts & Craft

  • Music

  • Tours & Travel

Due to budgetary constraints, our vocational training courses have been discontinued until further notice. However, these previously included:

  • Sewing

  • Basketry

  • ​Cake Icing

  • Flower Arrangement

We are best known for our involvement in performing arts in Barbados. The Afro-Caribbean themes represented in each choreography, musical arrangement, set design and costume serve to not only entertain but also inform. 

ILF is active in the local and regional Pan African Movement, supporting our brothers and sisters across the diaspora. Through our work we raise awareness of history that is meaningful to Barbadians and people of the African diaspora. These efforts aim to emphasize that unity is vital to the economic and social progress of our people. We are motivated to honour and represent tenets of our ancestry through performing arts and cultural education.