The Performing Arts Company of the Foundation  has won numerous awards at the major festivals in Barbados and each discipline, Music and Dance, has been awarded Gold at the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), the premiere festival for arts in Barbados. 

  • The Dancers accompanied by the Drummers were recipients of the UNESCO award for the Commemoration of the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade with the timeless 2004 piece entitled “Maafa”, choreographed by Barbados' Kelvin Carvalho.

  • The Foundation received the LIME Creator's Award for its 2011 "Amandla", meaning "power" in Zulu, a reenactment of the dance retention systems of communication in the South African gold mines.

  • Voices From The Dead, in 2013, was another one of the Foundation's remarkable performances choreographed by Trinidad's Gregor Breedy. It was a tribute to the forgotten souls of Black slaves who lost their lives at sea on a journey across the middle passage to Jamaica.

The music is composed of some traditional  and Afro-Caribbean rhythms infused with infectious Latin and South American influences. The Dance style is Contemporary and Afro-Caribbean with each choreography bringing alive our African Heritage.

Our dancers range from age 4 to adult. After some training and nurturing, they enjoy opportunities to perform for the public at various events. Discover more about our dance groups for every age.