Community Involvement

Israel Lovell Foundation is a registered charity organisation in Barbados that aims to empower the youth, senior citizens and marginalised members of our community.

ILF offers a variety of programmes in:

Our programmes aim to enrich the lives of our members, develop a socially conscious community and uplift the arts and culture in Barbados.

Israel Lovell Foundation is involved in numerous community activities for social outreach and development. Some of the notable programmes and events include: 

2010 - Caribbean Traveling Film School

In this travelling film-school project, artists and young professionals were trained in producing commercially viable low-budget films. The objective was to make films in the Caribbean that tell stories about the Caribbean and were distributed in the Caribbean. To do this, the ‘Travelling Film School’ trained cinema and audiovisual professionals in each territory, so that high-quality films can be made. 

2012 - Caribbean Calabash Festival

The Caribbean Calabash Festival is an intergenerational community activity focused on family entertainment and cohesiveness. ILF hosted the event on Blenheim Playing Field in the heart of The Ivy, St. Michael. The dried and hollowed calabash was traditionally used as a utensil, similar to a bottle, cup or bowl, for containing food and drink. In this festival, the calabash symbolised resourcefulness and community spirit. 

2017 - Carifesta XIII: Barbados
The Foundation, in collaboration with the visiting Venezuelan contingent, took a free drum workshop into The Ivy community to engage young children in music.

Ongoing - Senior Citizens' Social Club

The Senior Citizens' Social Club is a long-standing pillar of ILF's involvement in the community. Senior citizens (in recent times mainly senior women) meet every Monday to engage in fellowship through singing, craft-making and scenic tours. The ladies have had the opportunity to receive tutelage in computer studies, be educated on health and wellness, and travel to various Caribbean islands by air and sea. Each summer the Senior Citizens' Social Club hosts a Service Of Song, where they invite choirs and chorales to join them in a musical production. 

Ongoing - Academic Tutoring

Throughout the year, ILF is joined by a team of qualified educators who provide instruction and guidance to children and adults who require support in strengthening their understanding of academic studies. For children ages 11 and under, Mr. Ladepoo Salankey has been instrumental in helping students advance through their Primary School lessons in preparation for Secondary School Entrance Examination. For students preparing for CXC/CSEC English Language, Mr. Hal Ifil has been a driving force in their success. These two gentlemen, accompanied by other teachers in the areas of Mathematics, Social Studies and Human & Social Biology, have worked assiduously to support all students. 

Ongoing - Food Hamper Distribution

Since the ILF's Meals-On-Wheels programme was thwarted by lack of funding in 2008, the Food Hamper programme has sought to provide respite to the needy and shut-in members of the surrounding community. The hampers contain mainly non-perishable foods and toiletries, but occasionally some fresh ground provisions, some of which are purchased by the members of the ILF and some of which are donated by generous businesses. 

Ongoing - Vocational Training

Aside from academic training, members of the community may enroll in skills training programmes. These include jewellery making, cake icing, needlecraft and computer studies. 

Annual - Kwanzaa Celebrations

In addition to Christmas, ILF acknowledges Kwanzaa from December 26 to January 1 in celebration of their cultural heritage and traditional values. Gatherings are held in conjunction with other members of the Pan African Movement to engage in prayer and fellowship.